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How to Build a Successful Sound

Three plus years ago, I signed a distribution deal with Media Products in Barcelona, Spain, for the translating and marketing of the Singing Success Program, thanks to a man named Paul Zamek. Paul is responsible for the overseas licensing of many major American recording artists. (His largest client, Kenny Rogers, has sold over 100 million...

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Various Singing Questions

Aren't voice lessons like pulling teeth? Every lesson I've had was a miserable experience where I was criticized for every little "wrong" thing I did.

You are so right. Unfortunately, most voice teachers are still training their students to look and sound like classical singers, using techniques that have nothing to do with developing a contemporary sound.  That's why students who don't enjoy older styles of music often find voice lessons frustrating and...

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How do I Sing with Allergies?

Yes, it's that time of year again!  Your eyes seem to itch for no reason, you throat gets all scratchy, and your sinuses are easily infected.  No one likes dealing with allergies, but for singers they are especially problematic.  As human instruments, our tonal quality is dependent on the health and condition of our “instrument,” and nothing wreaks havoc on it quite like...

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Become a Master of Resonance

Q. Dear Coach, Do you have some hints that one can apply to articulation. I sometimes find that with certain words, (and I cannot think of an example right now) my voice fails me???

A. Firstly, say the following vowels in the listed order: “EE – EH – AH – OH – OO”.

Now say them again, only imagine that each syllable...

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Breathing 101 for Singing and Vocalists

Breathing properly for singing is the most important foundation technique. Each and every tone we create is carried on the airflow of our breath. The more control you have over the air flow, the more control you will have over your singing tone.

Imagine a kite flying high up in the air. When the airflow is consistent, the kite will fly smoothly and steadily on top of the air current. When the airflow is inconsistent the kite will bob and dive with no... Read More

Getting Past the First 30 Seconds

During an audition or performance situation it is some times necessary to introduce yourself. Be sure to get started on the right foot because sometimes you only have thirty seconds to make an impression. Practice introducing yourself in front of the mirror and analyze your first impression-no matter how silly you feel. Learn from opinions, but do what feels right... Read More

The KISS Formula

Keep It Simple Singing. Having trouble singing a song? Don't just sing the whole song over and over again. Break it into sections and work with a productive practice attitude.

An easy way to give yourself confidence singing the song is to remove all of the words. You might be surprised what a difference it makes when you sing your verse or chorus... Read More

Performance Power

Put an apple on the middle of a table. Now pick up the apple to begin the exercise. Practice several motivations or reasons why you would pick up the apple. Here are a few suggestions...

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Productive Vocal Practice Techniques

Studies have proven that a child who learns good study habits will have an easier and more rewarding educational experience. Did you know the same is true for singing? While it is important to exercise and work our voices often, when practicing song material it is not always how much or how long you practice, but whether or not your practice time is productive. How do you rate... Read More

Should I Sing This in my Head Voice or Chest Voice?

As an experienced vocal coach and perpetual student, I have spent twenty years studying and analyzing the singing voice. I often hear complaints from disciplined training students wondering why they are still faced with range limitations or undesirable tone quality changes after weeks, months or even years of diligent practice. Sometimes the answer lies in... Read More

Tone Placement

Say these syllables with slightly exaggerated mouth movements: EE - EH - AH - OH - OO.

Now do it again, but this time imagine that there is an "X" that moves in your mouth. The first syllable, "EE" finds its central balance point at the very front of your mouth and teeth. That "X" then moves in a line to the back of your mouth so that the "OO" position has an "X" that... Read More

Vocal Health and Warming Up the Voice

Many singers believe if they do not perform regularly they do not need to worry about vocal health and singing “properly.” Unfortunately, just like an unexpected fall out of a tree can cause a broken bone that aches when it rains the rest of your life, one impromptu karaoke performance and improper vocal belt on that high note can cause irreparable vocal damage. A more common condition... Read More

What is Vibrato?

Vibrato can be a tricky thing. In fact, throughout the scientific industry there is still somewhat a dispute over exactly what vibrato is and why it exists.

However, let's discuss what we do know... Read More